About Us

constitution-flagThe purpose of  WV Constitutional Advocates is to educate ourselves and others on the Constitution and the principles that were used by the founding fathers as the building blocks for its development.  Our group believes that once individuals understand the Constitution and the principles upon which it stands that they will elect representatives who will live by the principles and the Constitution in the process of governing this great nation.

The basic principle is clearly spelled out in the Declaration of Independence which states that all men are created equal and that GOD gives us our rights to life, liberty, and the pursuit of happiness not man or government! Our Constitution was created to allow “WE The PEOPLE” as individuals to govern ourselves. This unique concept “the American experiment” was the first time in human history man formed a government which provided for individual freedom to succeed or fail on one’s own hard work and merit. That we would operate under a Republic form of government and the free market system.

WV Constitutional Advocates is a bipartisan group that desires that our governmental leaders govern based on the oath they take to uphold the Constitution. That they govern our country following the principles upon which it was founded and that we as individuals would support only candidates that understand and follow their oath. Our group is one of principles not party!

If you would like more information contact Fred at fred@wvconstitutionaladvocates.com.